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Santo Antão - a paradise

Santo Antão - Cape Verde

After its dicovery on January 1462, it was colonized by Portugal. Santo Antão is the first Cape Verde's discovered island. It is located in the extreme part of the archipelago and its surface is about 779 Km2.

Santo Antão's population density is near 5.0000 inhabitants and it has an annual mean temperature of 25º C.

That island has two villas (Ribeira Grande and Paúl). Porto Novo arwarded the title of city in 2003.

Santo Antão is a real paradise for those who like adventures at heart, enjoying natural tourism accompanied by wonderful cool feeling.

Santo Antão is known for its famous grog, its delicious swetness, beautiful women and its high mountains. The Santatonenses are hospitable, calm and beautiful.

Stevenn Silva

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